Get-Together 2024


9th August, 2024

To blomster

August is coming, and so is the time for joining together the whole Faculty of Natural Sciences for an afternoon with fun, laughter, good food from our canteens, and battles of garden games. We have created a wonderful green setting where we can celebrate many years of great togetherness between colleagues.

We look forward to seeing you after the summer holiday.

To secure your spot, click the sign-up button below.

To assist us in planning the event deadline for registration is the 21st of June.


12:30 Arrival

12:45 Garden Games are available all day

13:00 Lunch, Coffee and cake

14:30 Ice cream truck

17:00 Thank you for today





You may have seen it at town festivals, in the pub, or at a garden party. And there is much more to this than just muscles. Precision and technique are highly necessary. In this activity, you must compete against other teams by hitting a giant nail into a wooden stump with a hammer. The team with the least number of hits wins.


Ladder Golf is about throwing the slings to the ladder stands without the slings falling off the ladder. You can score points by hitting the different dowels on the ladder. Each dowel is worth a different amount of points. The team that reaches 21 points first, wins!


In the world of croquet, anything can happen when the grass becomes a battlefield. From the elegant swish of a well-struck ball to the comedic tumbles of players navigating the course, every moment is an adventure. So gather your friends, grab your mallet, and prepare for a game that is as unpredictable as it is entertaining. After all, in croquet, victory may be sweet, but the memories are priceless.


You may know this game from the good, old garden party. It is a fun outdoor game where players must knock down pins of wood. Who will be the first to knock down the king-pin? Beware though, because you cannot knock it down before you have knocked down all your opponents’ pins.


In Spikeball, the net becomes the arena, the ball the weapon, and the team the decisive factor. Spikeball is as much about camaraderie as it is about competition, which calls for great teamwork. So gather your squad, unleash your inner athlete, and prepare for a game that’s part sport and all-around exhilarating.


You need to have both your physical and mental skills in play when you head into a game of giant jenga. It is a simple game where the tower grows taller and more unstable. Be sure to pick your team wisely!


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The event will be held at Universitetsparken, Ny Munkegade 8000, Aarhus C.

Friday August 9th 2024, from 12.30 – 17.00.

You must be registered for the event on this page. You will receive an SMS with your ticket a few days before the event. Your ticket will include your meals and beverages.

If you’re still feeling thirsty after you’ve used up your tickets you can pay for extra beverages with MobilePay.
Prices can be seen in the bar.

Deadline for registration is June 21st.

The ticket includes both food and beverage tickets. You will receive your ticket a few days before the event.

You can use the toilets in the surrounding buildings.

If you are unexpectedly unable to attend, please send an email to: as soon as possible.

In the email write ‘Cancellation’ in the subject line, and provide your name, mobile number, and the department you have registered with.

The registration is personal. Therefore, you cannot transfer your own registration confirmation to another colleague.

You are always welcome to contact us at with any questions.